History & Legacy

Decades ago, there were visionaries who were deeply convinced that cultivatig the moral concepts of "sincerity", "having a caring attitude" and "a good conscience" were vital in the network marketing business. With these qualities they believed they could help others to achieve their dreams, and so they set out to d just that.  In 1991, Mr. Nasser Khan and Dr. Jawid Khan together with others founded NU LIFE International.  To date they they have helped tens of thousands of people across the world realize their dreams of improving their health and becoming more financially free.  Their values and beliefs have guided them along the way and have also become the key elements in helping more become successul in the industry.

A Global Success Story

When Nu Life was first established, we had three products and an office size of less than 70 square feet. But, they struck success. Nu Life became an industry first as the only network marketing company to hold its annual convention at the Hong Kong Coliseum during the first year of operation. Expansion followed with our first overseas market being established in Macau in 1992. Since then we have opened up successful ventures in more than 10 countries and regions across the world. In spite of their humble beginnings our founders persevered and persisted through the hardships, striving to always put the newly trained entrepreneurs and customers first.

Over 20 years of endeavours have:

  1. NU LIFE has grown and established its global business in over 10 countries and regions across the world
  2. Total business investment has amounted to well over HK $500 million
  3. NU LIFE has introduced a revolutionary new bonus calculation system – the global unify system.
  4. Global accumulated sales volume has topped over HK $3 billion
  5. There are over 500,000 people who are part of NU LIFE’s national member base
  6. NU LIFE is aiming to now expand its network into 200 new markets that are to be developed by 2022 by seeking new business partners.

It is without a doubt that NU LIFE has great potential as a network marketing company, a company that is your best choice to help you build up your own enterprise and maximize your potentials.