Why Functional Nutrition?

You may say, "We can absorb the nutrition we need from our daily diet, so taking nutritional supplements is just a waste of money and time."

But the fact is that,

  • A lot of fruits and vegetables we take everyday have been contaminated with residues of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides that can seriously undermine our health.
  • Livestock bred for meat productions, such as chicken and cows, have been fed with hormones and antibiotics to speed up their growth, with dire health implications for those who consume the meat.
  • Environmental Pollution depletes the nutrients in us to such as excessive extent that we need nutritional supplementation to stay healthy.
  • The stress from work and school burns our nutrition rapidly and slows down our absorption rate of nutrition.

The conclusion is, Nutritional supplementation has become essential to people of the present and the future in combating the ill effects of food, water and pollution on the health of your family and you.