Daily Lucky Draw

Name List of "Hero Product Daily Lucky Draw"
(Name List from 2017/10/19 to 2017/11/22)

19/10/2017 HK1338xxxx    孫潔儀 HK2163xxxx    林潔嵐
20/10/2017 HK4155xxxx    張詠茵 HK9409xxxx    張慕文
21/10/2017 HK2198xxxx    傅嘉薇 HK9177xxxx    劉敏詩
23/10/2017 HK3115xxxx    羅(女秀)惠 HK6483xxxx    范菊芳
24/10/2017 HK4400xxxx    李玉群 HK9505xxxx    周雁
25/10/2017 HK1193xxxx    談儉輝 HK3430xxxx    吳煥榮
26/10/2017 HK1281xxxx    陳惠施 HK7240xxxx    黃池林
27/10/2017 HK3187xxxx    黃偉德 HK7311xxxx    李惠婷
30/10/2017 HK1953xxxx    張鳳儀 HK2670xxxx    李國旺
31/10/2017 HK5268xxxx    黎薀玲 HK5760xxxx    區思華
01/11/2017 HK3418xxxx    楊榮旋 HK5125xxxx    劉家俊
02/11/2017 HK2357xxxx    陳宛沁 HK7200xxxx    劉保祥
03/11/2017 HK1639xxxx    李耀輝 HK6106xxxx    何耀發
04/11/2017 HK2236xxxx    鄭家樂 HK2265xxxx    陳子良
06/11/2017 HK1604xxxx    陳銀鵬 HK3650xxxx    林紀辰
07/11/2017 HK4744xxxx    盧詩敏 HK9233xxxx    黃景琳
08/11/2017 HK2109xxxx    馬雪梅 HK8068xxxx    嚴新萍
09/11/2017 CH4866xxxx    冼紅麗 CH8295xxxx    劉建儂
10/11/2017 HK5154xxxx    梁翠媚 HK9205xxxx    林瀚祺
11/11/2017 HK3571xxxx    黃凱華 HK5302xxxx    栗田文惠

1. Winners have to attend the STARNIGHT on November 24, 2017 (Friday 7:30pm), in order to win a bottle of HEARTPROTEK (30's).
2. Winners please call us at 2881-6082 during the office hour to register. (Monday to Saturday, 12:00 noon to 7:00 pm)
3. Winners please bring their ID Cards (or other proof of identity) for Identity verification.
4. If winner is unable to collect the award in person, then he will be treated as disqualified.
5. If the winner cancels the purchase order related to the lucky draw (product return or replacement), the winner will be disqualified, and the company will not pick another person to replace the original winner.
6. We will announce the name list on the next working date. (e.g. The winner list on Friday will be announced on the coming Monday, if the coming Monday is a public holiday, then will announce it on the coming Tuesday.)
7. NU LIFE International reserves the modify the terms and the prizes without prior notice.
8. If there is any dispute, NU LIFE International reserves the right of the final decision.