NU LIFE Marketing Plan

The NU LIFE founders, Mr. Nasser Khan and Dr. Jawid Khan were first started their businesses as entrepreneurs. Therefore, when they design the marketing plan, they will put what they really want as entrepreneurs into it. The NU LIFE platform is a fair opportunity for individuals who wish to achieve a rewarding life by building their own business. Everyone no matter his or her age, gender, nationality, race, religion, education level ... has the fair opportunity to build wealth.

Over the last two decades, NU LIFE is committed to providing a worldwide profit sharing system. With the latest Information Technology, internet and smart phones, we realized one of our dreams. Together with our comprehensive marketing plan and a range of quality products, our network is now in more than ten countries and regions worldwide.

Moreover, with the wisdom of oriental thinking, when we design and strengthen our marketing plan, we also have the flexibility. Therefore, when compare with the western conglomerates, our reaction to the market is much faster.