Since its inception in 1991, NU LIFE and its management have received more than 60 awards, certifications and achievements worldwide. We are determined to provide a strong backbone for our entrepreneurs by maintaining a reputable and positive corporate image, allowing us to promote health and wealth as a team and not individually


NU LIFE has been labelled a “super brand” by Superbrands since 2012. Superbrands is an internationally renowned brand rating agency, further substantiating Nu Life’s brand image and value in its respective field.

Awarded Q-mark by the Hong Kong Q-Mark Council

To be approved for “Q-Mark” product certification, the following stringent requirements must be met:
– Highly stable product quality
Passed the rigorous factory assessment of the Hong Kong Q-Mark Council
– Quality product guarantee
Meet high standard product testing requirements

From careful raw material screening, standardized production to quality assurance, as well as meticulous monitoring of each segment of production, Nu Life has always been striving for excellence. Our ultimate goal is to provide consumers with safe and high-quality products.

This is NU LIFE’s strict demand on itself and a commitment to every consumer!

HKHFA Quality Product Seal 2021

Good news for the 30th anniversary of NU LIFE !

Products awarded the “Quality Product Seal” have been examined by the Hong Kong Health Food Association to prove that they meet the stringent standards of relevant local and international testing, and are manufactured in factories that have passed GMP or equivalent certification. By issuing this logo, the Association aims not only to improve the quality of health food, but also to further protect consumers and strengthen the confidence of the public towards health food.

Hong Kong Health Supplement Gold Card

Good news for the 30th anniversary of NU LIFE !

Warmly celebrate NU LIFE and win the “Health Supplement Gold Card Award” of the year in the Hong Kong health industry!

The company is committed to promoting high-quality products and services to bring a positive impact to the health industry!

Hong Kong Most Outstanding Leader Award

Good news for the 30th anniversary of NU LIFE !

The “Most Outstanding Leader of the Year 2021 Award” recognizes the contributions and achievements of enterprise leaders in different domains, who demonstrated their unique business model to the trade and the public. Winning companies are proofed to possess foresight of the industry, distinctive entrepreneurial spirit, as well as product recognition and good reputation. This manifests the company’s achievement and leading position in the Asian market.

Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Company

2011 HK Most Valuable Companies & Holistic Wellness Champion
2017 2017 Mediazone’s Most Valuable Company In Hong Kong-
Most Reliable Health Products Provider In Hong Kong
2019 Most Valuable Services Awards in Hong Kong 2019
Industry Leading Health & Wellness Leader
Quality of Life Champion
Wellness CEO of the Year
2021 2021 Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong Awards
Most Reliable Wellness Brand
Wellness CEO of the Year

NU LIFE is awarded the “2021 Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong Award” being the “Most Reliable Wellness Brand”. The brand is a wellness business in our region that has successfully given its consumers not only top quality products but also a family-style-of-caring solution. The Chairman and CEO, Mr. Nasser Khan, is also awarded “Wellness CEO of the Year”, being recognized as one of the few wellness entrepreneurs in our city that was very hands-on in leading and innovating Nu Life’s offerings and mission for 30 years. These awards further establish NU LIFE’s leading position in the healthcare industry. Nu Life’s devotion to the improvement of management standards, service and product quality and contribution to the industry in Hong Kong over the years wins this most recognized accolade for corporate accomplishment.

Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Enterprise Award

NU LIFE has always been committed to promoting smoke-free culture and actively encourages members to abstain from the habit of smoking. On February 27, 2017, the company was awarded the Hong Kong Smoke-free Leading Enterprise Award by the Hong Kong Tobacco and Health Committee along with the Occupational Safety and Health Council.

Corporate Citizenship Recognition Scheme

NU LIFE was awarded the “Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Award” in 2016, reflecting the company’s outstanding performance in terms of business practices, caring for employees, giving back to the community and promoting economic, social and environmental protection.

“STC Certified” Mark

To date NU LIFE has been awarded the quality stamp “STC Certified” Mark for six consecutive years. In this highly competitive market, many consumers are misled by propaganda strategies and there is no way to judge the quality or authenticity of products and services. NU LIFE has been awarded the “positive” certificate and stamp, enabling consumers to identify at a glance that our products are of the utmost quality.

“Outstanding Direct Selling Enterprise” 2016

NU LIFE won Capital Magazine’s  “Outstanding Direct Selling Enterprise” award in 2016, highlighting Nu Life’s outstanding performance in the direct selling industry.

“Outstanding Entrepreneur of 2017”

Mr. Nasser Khan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NU LIFE was awarded the “Outstanding Entrepreneur of 2017” award by Capital Magazine.

Caring Company

In February 2016, NU LIFE was again awarded the “Caring Company” award by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service – reflecting the company’s recognition of corporate and social responsibilities and affirming NU LIFE’s dedication to fulfilling these responsibilities.

Consumer Caring Companies

The “Consumer Caring Companies” Recognition Scheme aims to recognize local enterprises that prioritize customer service. Through the use of information technology, we implement consumer focused strategies, ultimately enhancing products and services catering to all walks of life. This in turn led to Nu Life to receiving the “Intimate Enterprise” award in 2015 and the years thereafter.

Hong Kong Direct Selling Association

As a member of the Hong Kong Direct Selling Association (HKDSA), NU LIFE has met the strict business requirements that encapsulate members of the association.

Since 2010, Mr. Nasser Khan has been the Chairman of the New Member Audit Committee of the Hong Kong Direct Selling Association.

Hong Kong Health Food Association

Established in April 2005, the Hong Kong Health Food Association is a government-registered  local non-profit organization, representing the  interests of the Hong Kong health food industry. The Association relies on the well-being of Hong Kong citizens in encourage peers to implement self-discipline and promote understanding and communication between industry, government and consumers. Mr. Nasser Khan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of NULIFE, has been the Vice President of the Hong Kong Health Food Association since 2015.


NU LIFE is ISO 9001:2015 accredited, in line with internationally recognized quality management standards and is constantly improving on management systems and work procedures.

Good MPF Employer

NU LIFE is awarded “Good MPF Employer” by Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA) for three consecutive years. This is a recognition to Nu Life being a responsible employer who strive to enhance retirement protection for its employees.