Do We Need Food Supplements?

In order to maintain adequate nutrition, we need balanced and healthy eating habits every day. However, the current busy urban lifestyle often makes it difficult for us to maintain this habit. In addition, different factors can reduce the nutritional value of natural foods and greatly reduce the effectiveness of nutrients in the body. These factors include nutrient-poor soils, food storage and transportation methods, incorrect farming techniques, contamination with toxins (harmful preservatives, pesticides, environmental and air pollution) and genetically modified foods. In addition, personal factors such as age, stress, smoking, alcoholism, food sensitivity and genetics may increase our body’s need for certain nutrients, making it harder for us to maintain a healthy body.

In the early stages of nutrient deficiency, the body may not show any obvious symptoms. However, if we do not pay attention, these symptoms might have the opportunity to develop into chronic diseases. Therefore, the use of food supplements can help combat health problems caused by the above factors.

Some food supplements only contain single nutrient that aids to supplement the nutritional deficiencies of the daily diet and helps to meet the individuals daily required nutrient intake to maintain basic body functions. However, in order to optimise the function of the body organs, we should use “Functional Food Concentrates”.

How Is Functional Food Concentrates Differ From Food Supplement?

The commonality of Functional Food Concentrates and food supplements is to provide basic nutrients to meet daily needs. However, Functional Food Concentrates does not only provide basic nutrients to users, but also have the characteristics that help to improve health and promote better function of body organs.

How To Define FFC Functional Food Concentrates?

FFC Functional Food Concentrates, was founded in the early 1990s, which was different from general nutritional food supplement, because the formula Functional Food Concentrates used are more diversified. The unique formula can bring out synergistic effect and promote body functions.

What is a unique formula?

  • The main ingredients are extracted from natural, non-polluting herbs or foods
  • Use non-single nutrients
  • Formulations are designed and developed based on breakthrough research results
  • Possess third-party agency safety certification

How to achieve synergistic effect?

  • Formulation to a suitable concentration and state
  • Able to promote body absorption and utilization rate

How to promote physical function?

  • Various breakthrough research in nutritional sciences has proven that they can provide comprehensive nutrition for body cells
  • Help escape the “Sub-Health” status
  • Finally reach the third level of health status

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Why you need to green your body?

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What is Green Your Body?

NU LIFE is the first company in the world to implement FFC. It has been implementing FFC for over 30 years and has been closely following the world’s top functional nutrition information, closely following the milestone of nutrition.


In addition to the formula, the quality of the FFC series is also outstanding. All FFC products are manufactured by factories that meet the requirements of good manufacturing practices (such as GMP, HACCP) to ensure that the products fulfil the strict production and quality standards. All FFC products also passed the testing of food safety quality standards certified by third-party agencies (such as STC, SQF) to ensure that they are of superior quality and comply with relevant local and international safety standards. Therefore, FFC Functional Food Concentrates are reliable products with quality assurance.