NU LIFE was founded in 1991 by Mr. Nasser Khan and Dr. Jawid Khan, with the absolute purpose of “sincerely promoting health and wealth”.  NU LIFE has established overseas branches throughout various regions of Asia. Founder and CEO Mr. Nasser Khan has more than 40 years of experience in the direct selling industry. Over the years NU LIFE has helped hundreds of thousands of people around the world achieve their dreams of health and wealth.


After seven years, NU LIFE has expanded from a small company to a multinational company. From only three products to more than 50 different products along with eleven quality brands. Under the guidance of Dr. Brandt, the father of functional medicine, NULIFE became the first company to introduce the idea of functional medicine within Asia.  With this came the concept of  “Functional Food”and “Environmental Health”


Over the past two decades, we have wholeheartedly promoted the concept of “FFC” all throughout Asia. We have been developing high quality, reliable products. All of which are in compliance with GMP standards. We have been selected as a “Super Brand” for 6 consecutive years, along with all “Functional Concentrated Foods” having achieved the “STC tested” mark of the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre. We can proudly display the motto coined by our founders: “The quality products I recommend to you and your friends, my family and I also consume every day.”


NU LIFE has an attractive dividend system that allows entrepreneurs to best enjoy their efforts. Entrepreneur bonuses, hereditary rewards, 3x bonuses, global dividends and dream life rewards along with many others allow entrepreneurs to not only gain wealth, but also enjoy unlimited freedom. Nulife has also attained local Direct Selling Association membership throughout various countries and regions. We obtained the No. 91 Direct Sales License issued by the Ministry of Commerce as of March 2017, and have officially entered the Chinese market! This will allow our entrepreneurs ease in expanding their careers and will allow them increased  protection.


NU LIFE has taken on various social responsibilities throughout the years and has been awarded the “Caring Company” award for five consecutive years. It has continued to promote the culture of love and actively participates in various charitable activities around the world, including: The Hong Kong Community Chest Walk for Millions, the Xinqing Action Charity Fund, Health Express along with Charity projects such as the Orbis Eye Hospital. Due to outstanding performance in many aspects, we have won many awards including the “Outstanding Direct Selling Enterprise” award, “Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Enterprise” award, “Full Health Award” and the “Hong Kong Corporate Citizenship Award”. It is company culture to assist in helping those in need within society, something that NU LIFE has always adhered to with a proactive and positive attitude. As a company brandishing the “Caring Company” award , we contribute and benefit the community by participating in various forms of public welfare. We wholeheartedly embrace the idea of returning to society what we owe as an organisation.


For twenty-seven years we have continued to work tirelessly, constantly innovating and creating the future. In recent years the “Functional Nutrition Institute” and “Health Risk Assessment Centre” have been established to promote the concept of “PHRM – Personal Health Risk Management” through our accurate health risk assessment techniques. Using “non-invasive, non-radiative” methods and high-end technology without side effects, guests can instantly understand their health status. The center’s professional functional medicine dietitian will also provide guests with a personalised, professional and comprehensive solution achieve the realization of the brand Dr. advocated – a personal health revolution!