Dr.Jeffrey S. Bland

Dr. Bland has served on the board of directors and is the President of Science at Metagenics Inc. Metagenics Inc. is a US company (formerly known as HealthComm) headquartered in Washington DC, serving to promote functional medicine and nutritional products.


Since 2012, Dr. Bland has established a non-profit organization in Seattle called the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute (PLMI) to aid in transforming medical services by promoting information, innovation and tailored lifestyle changes.


Dr. Bland. is a biochemist with more than 30 years of experience in nutrition research and is recognized the world’s leading educator in nutrition and functional medicine. Over the past 25 years, more than 75,000 health care workers have attended lectures and educational programs hosted by Dr. Bland, among which numerous doctors and dietitians were also present.


Dr. Bland has served as Dean of the School of Science and Medicine in Perth, California and the Professor of Nutritional Chemistry at the University of Puget Sound. During his two-years at the institute, Dr. Bland was directly affiliated to Dr. Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel prizes along with the Institute president Dr. Emil Zukerandl.


Dr. Bland has written numerous research articles, more than 150 of which have been published in leading medical journals. In addition, Dr. Brandt has also authored more than 200 publications regarding nutritional medicine, including “A Year in Nutritional Medicine, Nutraerobics”and “The 20-Day Rejuvenation Diet Programme and Genetic Nutritioneering”.


In 1992, Dr. Bland took the lead in founding the International Symposium on Functional Medicine in the United States. This annual event serves as a platform for the training of medical practitioners and scientific researchers in the field of Functional Nutrition. It has served as the precursor to an emerging worldwide trend that focuses on the use of functional, rather than pharmacological solutions to health.

Dr. Jawid Khan

NU LIFE Health & Nutrition General Counsel Research Director
Dr. Jawid Khan has worked hand in hand with Dr. Bland, a world-renown biochemistry expert for more than 30 years. Dr. Jawid Khan is a pioneer in biochemistry with a strong sense of mission. He introduced the concept of functional medicine to NU LIFE, and shared his ambitions with the founders of NU LIFE International and entrepreneurs from all over the world with the aim of providing a healthy future for mankind.
・Dr. Jawid Khan is a protégé of Dr. Bland, a famous American expert in human biochemistry and nutrition. Dr. Jawid Khan participates in the International Functional Medicine Symposium held in the United States every year, acquiring the most advanced health medical knowledge in order to further popularize it in other parts of the world.
・He has repeatedly been invited to be interviewed by television stations, radio stations, newspapers and authoritative health magazines in Hong Kong (TVB), China, Taiwan, Brunei, Malaysia and Thailand to analyze and discuss various health-related issues.
・He has established a “health promotion plan” donating more than 20 million dollars to various charitable activities.

Professor Lin Zhibin

・Professor, Department of Pharmacology, School of Basic Medicine Sciences, Peking University Health Science Center
・Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Pharmacological Society
・President of the International Lingzhi Research Society
・Consultant of China Edible Fungi Association
・Pioneer of Chinese Ganoderma research, known as the “Father” of Chinese Ganoderma Research
・Has presided over and participated in the compilation of a total of twelve books such as “Basic Medical Pharmacology”, “Modern Research on Ganoderma lucidum” and “Medical Gerontology”, more than 20 dictionaries, two main review textbooks, and about 200 published papers
・Long-term research on the pharmacological effects and mechanism of anti-inflammatory drugs, immunomodulatory drugs (immuno-enhancing drugs and immunosuppressive drugs), endocrine drugs and anti-tumor drugs, and has participated in the development of many new drugs and health products
・In recent years, modern scientific and technological methods have been used to study the immunomodulatory, anti-diabetic, anti-tumor, anti-aging effects and mechanisms of traditional Chinese medicine Ganoderma lucidum and its active ingredients. The research results have been reported on by domestic and foreign academic conferences and published in domestic and foreign journals.

Ms. Han Hongwen

・National senior health nutritionist
・Senior Food Engineer
・ISO 9000 quality management system certification, China Quality Mark management system certification technical expert
・Involved in functional food, pharmaceutical vacuum freeze-drying and functional food research and development
・More than 20 years of production, achievements have won provincial science and technology progress awards many times
・Obtained 3 national invention patents
・Strong R&D capabilities and rich experience in production and processing in the food field