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Main Ingredients
Bilberry Extract, Wolfberry Leaf Extract, Wolfberry Extract, Wheat Germ Extract

Retailed Price: $730 (120 Tablets)

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What is NuEye?

NuEye is a health supplement product that is rarely seen on the market which contains a compound mixture of Western and Chinese ingredients, e.g. Bilberry extract, Wolfberry leaf extract, Wolfberry extract and Wheat germ extract. The manufacturing process of NuEye gained its patent certificate from the State Intellectual Property Office of The P.R.C (Patent Number: 201110075273.9 and 201110074006.X). The use of “Superfine Grinding Technology” ensures that it preserves the best part of the product thus better absorption. And the application of “Vacuum freeze Drying Technology” maximize the retention of nutrients in the product and hence a longer shelf life. It is therefore to help in supporting healthy vision, capillary health of eyes and reducing harmful lights that enter the eye.

What is Bilberry Extract?

NuEye contains wild bilberry, also named as the European blueberry. It contains significantly higher concentration of anthocyanidins than blueberry. Anthocyanidins is a strong antioxidant which helps to protect the eye cells and poses vaso-protective and anti-inflammatory properties.

What is Wolfberry Leaf Extract?

It is the leaf of the wolfberry. It provides multi-vitamins and minerals for the eye’s health, e.g. vitamin C, chromium, vanadium, calcium, copper etc. It works with Bilberry extract synergistically to help improve the blood circulation of the eye, protect blood vessels and reduce the impact of diabetic eyes.

What is Wolfberry Extract?

Wolfberry contains 18 kinds of essential amino acids, 21 kinds of minerals and carotenoids e.g. Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Lutein and Zeaxanthin are two kinds of antioxidant that are found a high concentration in the macula of the human eye, giving the macula its yellowish color. Also, wolfberry also contains sample amounts of vitamins that play a vital role in preventing aging of the eye lens.

What is Wheat Germ Extract?

Wheat germ contains nutrients such as vitamin E and zinc. When it combined with other ingredients that contains in NuEye, it produces a natural synergy effect to help protect the eye nerves, mucosa and capillaries.

3 Benefits of NuEye
  1. Supports healthy vision
  2. Helps support capillary health of the eye
  3. Helps reduce harmful lights that enters the eye

Main Ingredients
Bilberry Extract, Wolfberry Leaf Extract, Wolfberry Extract, Wheat Germ Extract

3 times daily, take 2 capsules each time
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