Helps relief menstrual or menopause discomforts and symptoms

Main Ingredients
NON-GMO Soybean, Flaxseed

Retailed Price: $730 (120 Tablets)

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What is Soyxtra?

Soyxtra is specially formulated with two nature ingredients—Soy and Flaxseed, which have hormone balance property. These two ingredients are abundant in vitamins, complete protein as well as phytoestrogen, thus are suitable for individuals who rarely consume soy products, and for those who have hormone imbalance.

What is Soybean?

Non-GM soybean has completely different health effects as GM soybean. Non-GM soybean has the function of supporting inner balance, which helps maintaining bone density, strengthening immune system; improving cardiovascular health, mammary gland and gastric functioning; while GM soybean may disturb inner balance, thus affecting the health of liver and immune system.

Soybean contains many important nutrients, which include protein, lecithin, calcium, vitamin E and B complex, and isoflavones. Isoflavones has very high antioxidant property, which can effectively reduce cell damages caused by free radicals. Moreover, soybean also has a similar structure to human hormone, which can help in supporting inner balance.

What is Flaxseed?

Flaxseed has high nutritional value, not only it has the intestinal health nutrients—dietary fiber, it also contains essential fatty-acids, α-Linolenic acid (ALA) and Linoleic acid (LA). The ratio of these two types of essential fatty acids in flaxseed is more suitable for human, thus flaxseed is a good source obtaining essential fatty acids.

Moreover, flaxseed contains a high antioxidant ingredient called natural phenols. Since its structure is very similar to hormone in human, it can mimic the actions of estrogen, and it is effective in osteoporosis and cancer prevention.

3 Benefits of Soyxtra
  1. Helps support inner balance
  2. Helps support the liver to break down harmful metabolite
  3. Helps improve women discomfort during menstrual period

Main Ingredients
NON-GMO Soybean, Flaxseed

Twice daily, take 2 capsules each time

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