Neutralize our acidic body and balance our pH level


Magnesium, Tourmaline, Zoelite and Silver

Retailed Price: $2560 (1 set)


Having enough water is no longer a problem for most of the urban people. However, having enough drinking water does not mean having high quality “Living Water”.

About 80% of the water supply in Hong Kong comes from Dongjiang River. However, Dongjiang River has been polluted by industrial waste, heavy metal, agricultural waste, E. coli, toxicant and even carcinogen.
Moreover, the tap water in HK has chlorine added in it. After heating, THMs will appear. THMs is another byproduct of chlorination which triggers free radical activity in the body may cause in cellular damages and may acts as a carcinogenic substance.

According to the statistics released by World Health Organization (WHO), human lifespan should be 120 years.

But because of our unhealthy lifestyle, we only enjoy 2/3 of our lifespan as an average. WHO also points out that 80% of the diseases can be eliminated by drinking healthy water. However, how can we define healthy water?

We all want health and longevity. In Pakistan, there is a village in Hunza Valley where people are having a longer lifespan than people living elsewhere. Scientists find out:

The secret behind their longevity is that every day they drink the unpolluted natural mineral water coming from their own valley.

Even though we are fully aware of such, there has not been an effective way to bring such high quality water to the urbanites. The reason is that once the water leaves the valley, the stability of its mineral structure will decrease and keep on falling. Moreover, the long-distance transportation and chemical reaction with the poor quality plastic bottle all block us from enjoying the real natural and healthy mineral water.

Is that no other way but to move to Hunza Valley if we want to have longevity?

In order to provide high quality alkaline mineral water that can fight against free radicals, “LivingWater” series brings you “LongevityStick” and “A-ONE Water Enhancement System”. Together with FFC, all of us can enjoy “The Legend Of Longevity”.



1. Alkalizes the blood

When acidic substances build up in our body, some of our organs will degenerate. Tumour, hypertension, rheumatic arthritis, osteoporosis may also appear, and bacteria will grow easily in our body.
Our body will become acidic because of our daily diet (e.g. red meat, alcohol, soft drink… etc) and acidic pollutant.
Drinking water with pH value between pH8 to pH11 can neutralize our acidic body and balance our pH level, which helps you to slow down the degenerative diseases and enhance your immune system

2. Quality mineral water with patented technology

Anytime, anywhere, we provide you with mineral water which is similar to the mineral water from Hunza Valley. Best quality minerals are collected from all around the world with patented technology. Just by shaking drinking water with LongevityStick, it turns to become alkaline mineral water with antioxidant function.

3. Anti-aging with small clustered water

Tourmaline in LongevityStick helps to reduce the water cluster to a smaller size (only 1/3 of normal drinking water), so the water can transport nutrients to every cell more easily. With sufficient water & nutrients in our body cells, we certainly look more radiant.

4. Best antioxidant providing active hydrogen

The water from LongevityStick has active hydrogen, which may be the best antioxidant to help fight against free radicals. The stability of active hydrogen in our water can last for 4 hours. Free radicals destroy the good DNA in our bodies and attack our cells. Our next generation may have hereditary disease because of it.

5. Helps absorb calcium and strengthen the bones

After 35 years old, your body starts to lose calcium more rapidly, which increases your risk of getting osteoporosis. Therefore, you need more magnesium to help your body absorb and preserve calcium.

6. The no.1 water in Korea

Magnesium in LongevityStick has a chemical reaction with drinking water and releases active hydrogen, which is the best antioxidant. Magnesium turns drinking water into alkaline water, which helps our body maintain a healthy pH level.

Magnesium enhances our body’s ability to absorb minerals, which include the mineral that forms our bone – calcium. Lack of Magnesium may lead to an ion imbalance in our nervous system, which may cause hyperactive disorder to our nervous system and thereafter our heart and circulatory system. Magnesium is therefore good for the health of our heart.


Tourmaline is a valuable gem. After reacting with water, it releases negative ions, which makes drinking water contain more antioxidant.
It helps the water clusters to become smaller (only 1/3 of normal drinking water), therefore, the water can easily transport nutrients to every cell in your body.
It helps to sterilize the water.


Zeolite is a natural crystal. After treating zeolite with our patented technology, a tiny stone (as fine as rice) will then contain more than 10 thousand holes, therefore, just by shaking the bottle, a chemical reaction with drinking water will occurs. It also helps to maintain the stability of pH level and active hydrogen in the water for 4 hours.


Silver has long been used as a sterilizer, and the FDA also approves the use of silver for medical purpose. Silver with 99.9% purity and positive ions is a safe and effective natural mineral which can kill germs and eliminate wastes from our body.

Shake the bottle around 10 times drinking water filled. The water is ready serve in around 5 minutes.


According to HK SGS lab test, LongevityStick enhance water quality in the following ways:

  1. Provide alkaline water (Alkaline water helps us to neutralize the acidic pollutants from our daily diet as well as air pollution.)
  2. Lowering the ORP level significantly (Low ORP value is suitable for our organs to fight against free radicals)
  3. Rise the conductivity of the water by 6 times. (When water contains active hydrogen and minerals, the conductivity will be higher. After drinking it, the active hydrogen reacts with the oxidant in our bodies rapidly and becomes water and leaves our body through sweating and urination.)
  4. Increase the magnesium level significantly (Magnesium helps our bodies to absorb calcium and maintains the health of our bones.)
  5. Lowering the level of E. Coil significantly (Obviously, clean water is the first step for our health.)

Acidic wastes accumulated in our body cause degeneration of organs, high blood pressure, arthritis … etc. But why does it always attack the same organ when it comes to family inherited cancer? It is because the inherited faulty gene tends to cause the accumulation of acidic wastes in the same organ.

Compare with drinking alkaline mineral water, drinking acidic distillated water will discharge the mineral in our body, especially calcium in our bone. Therefore, drinking distillated water for a long period of time may lead to osteoporosis.

Acidic body encourage the growth of bacteria and weaken our immune system.


This is the best investment for your health.

Spending only HK $5.98 a day and you can enjoy 6.8L of high quality drinking water that can act as an antioxidant to fight against free radicals inside your body.

On average, you only need to pay for HK $0.88 per Liter. If you want to buy a bottle of high quality mineral water, it is nearly impossible for you to buy it as HK $0.88. Compare to the money you spend on unhealthy soft drinks and coffee, LongevityStick is indeed the best investment for your health.

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